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Should I buy a house that has foundation issues?


There is no easy answer to this question, no matter where you are, whether in Austin Texas, Maine or Alaska. The cost to fix a foundation can vary substantially depending on the nature of the repairs, the location and the type of foundation. Prices can range from $500 – $10,000 and may not include other needed repairs that are related to a foundation. For instance, a home may need termite remediation, irrigation lines, or additional drainage, which might add a substantial amount of extra costs.

In terms of which foundations usually are the least costly to repair, pier and beam foundations typically require repairs that can be limited in scope. This reduces the cost of the repairs as compared to concrete slab repairs which can require more costly equipment and often affect more than just the foundation alone. In many cases, plumbing is integrated into concrete pad foundations and will need to be repaired along with the foundation. Plumbing is less likely to be affected by pier and beam or raised foundations, though it can sometimes have an impact on plumbing. It is actually more likely that plumbing might impact a pier and beam foundation and be the cause of foundation problems, instead of the reverse. Broken plumbing can lead to foundation failure by way of causing wood rot in raised foundations. In this case, the plumbing and foundation will both require repairs.

Some types of raised foundations can be expensive to install and require costly equipment. Helical piers are one such foundation type. These steel piers must be screwed deep into the ground which requires extra machinery and increases the cost of installation. The material cost is also higher for this type of foundation. especially if a high-quality steel pier is used. While these are not common in many areas, helical pier foundations do have most of the same benefits of wood and concrete pier and beam structures and function well in demanding soil environments, which is justification and reason for a costlier foundation in areas such as those on the coast or those with high groundwater potential.

Raised foundations like the pier and beam or helical pier foundation often allow for easy access to plumbing and electrical lines which reduces repair costs for these essential systems within a home. This is something to keep in mind when you assess the potential cost of repairs. Any interior problems caused by the foundation issues of a home will also need to be factored into total repair costs. This includes patching any cracks in walls and ceilings. Doors and windows often require repairs, such as reframing, if the foundation has shifted significantly. Floors are also a consideration in foundation-related problems. Tile floors with cracks or broken tiles will need to be replaced or spot repaired. Masonry is one more potential repair cost, as is any needed siding replacement or work was done to the facade or exterior of a home. To add to the list, homeowners sometimes have to deal with landscaping related to repairs for some foundations. Many times, landscaping features near excavation areas will be damaged or will need to be removed. With a little planning, some of a home’s landscaping and lawn can be prepared in advance to mitigate problems.

Depending on the severity of the issues you might be considering when purchasing a home with a problematic foundation, it might actually be a good investment, as foundation problems scare away most prospective buyers even though the repairs will be quite manageable in cost to the buyer. It is even possible for a buyer to correct some foundation problems on their own, using tools such as floor jacks or other methods to raise the foundation and replace failing components such as piers, posts, footings, joists, and beams. Concrete foundations are not as easy to repair in most cases if the circumstances have deteriorated for long enough to require substantial amounts of lifting, pouring, interior work or major reinforcements. However, if the foundation can be repaired with shims, the cost could be significantly lower than those that require tunneling and concrete removal. So, if you are considering a home with a failing concrete foundation, you will want to definitely get a professional opinion. If you are not confident in your ability to assess such problems, we always recommend getting a qualified opinion from a reputable foundation repair company, such as Southern Foundation Repair. We will inspect any foundation free of charge and provide you with a quote to repair the foundation, usually within the same day or visit.

Southern Foundation Repair offers affordable foundation repairs to homeowners. We have installed over 50,000 piers in our history as repair experts and we have serviced over 15,000 homes, thousands of which included poured concrete foundations. Few contractors in our industry can make such claims. We have a long history of satisfied customers because our job is not finished until each customer is satisfied with our work. We work hard to make sure you get a finished foundation that will last a lifetime. We are on time, courteous and. We are available to answer questions or respond to concerns. And, we are professionals with a wealth of experience in foundation repair methods, technologies and what makes for a successful job for any home or other building, large or small.

Our foundation repair experts serve Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, San Marcos, Temple, Belton, Harker Heights, Killeen, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Bee Cave, Pflugerville, Buda and several other Central and South Texas locations. We offer service to all of Travis, Williamson, Bexar and Bell Counties, as well as surrounding areas. Call or message us today to get a free inspection and quote for your foundation repair needs.


    Should I buy a house that has foundation problems?